It is wrong to impose laws on temples – Mahinda

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa stated that the government is going to bring a draft bill on establishing new religious places and maintenance.

Addressing an event today (22) at Medirigiriya, he said the Buddhist temples will also be graded and he does not understand how they are going to grade temples.

He claims that under this bill a Chief Prelate of the temple will not be able to establish a Dhamma School in the temple without permission from multi-religion committee.

He says that he doesn’t think temples will ever be built if permission is required to establish temples.

He also said that this is the first government to impose laws on temples since the time of Lord Buddha and that he believes that the Buddhist clergy should be made aware of this.

Meanwhile Former President Rajapaksa spoke to media after visiting the Chief Prelate of the Ramanna sector Most Venerable Napane Premasiri Thero.

He commented on the Executive Presidency saying that his stance is not of importance in this matter but is of the group’s as there are people who like it and dislike it. And that if he gives his personal stance on this and says that he doesn’t like it, it will be claimed that it is because he cannot run for presidency.

(Source: Ada Derana)