Kamal dismisses baseless rumours

Actor Kamal Addaraarachchi

Award-winning actor and singer Kamal Addaraarachchi today said elements with low tastes and seeking popularity at his expense were spreading baseless rumours in gossip columns indicating his name.

“The news item was about a police raid on a spa owned by a friend of mine. I was out on some work with my wife that day when my friend called me to inform that there was some issue at his business institution and asked if I could clarify details since he was out. I went with my wife to this place and walked into the establishment where police officers were there inquiring some matters. As a citizen of this country I had the right to ask them politely as to what was the matter and I conveyed the message to my friend.

That was my involvement and I got back home with my wife. But this episode had been twisted and given various viewpoints by people who love to sling mud at others. I must tell you that no police officer had even called me to get a statement about the episode which clearly shows that I was not even remotely involved in it. Why are some elements adhering to such unethical means to sling mud at us?,” Kamal told Daily Mirror.

“The agony and trauma that I, my wife and family undergo due to these irresponsible actions is horrendous. I have sufficient money to maintain my family and lead a good life. I have not gone up to the extent of even acting in mega tele dramas or so-called ‘adults only’ films to earn money – which I could have done easily. For me, quality in whatever I do matters most. I will continue to maintain this dignified stand as a professional actor,” Kamal said.


Courtesy: DM Online