‘Leave cancelled to support COVID-19 mitigation programme’

Jaliya Senaratne - Sri Lanka Police

Police Media Spokesman Superintendent of Police Jaliya Senaratne says leave of all Police officers has been cancelled, in order to provide maximum support to the COVID-19 mitigation programme being implemented by the government.

He added the Acting Inspector General of Police had requested all officers to provide their fullest support for this purpose.

Superintendent Senaratne also requested the public to continue to abide by curfew regulations and quarantine measures and support measures in place, adding the government’s efforts have been successful thus far.

He noted there are several persons who have failed to fully grasp the gravity of the present crisis and continue to violate curfew regulations and quarantine measures.

The Superintendent said it is regretful that several persons act in such a manner, while a majority of the public have supported the cause.

Police urged the public to support the programme by remaining at their residences during curfew.

(Source: News Radio)