Levies of several essential items reduced

Mangala Samaraweera

The Ministry of Finance has reduced the special commodity levy on several essential items including potatoes, big onions, Dhal, coconut and vegetable oil.

The announcement was made by Finance Minister Mangala Samraweera at a press conference held at the ministry in Colombo today (8).

He stated that the tax revision will come into effect from midnight today and that relevant Gazette notification has been issued.

List of essential items:

Item   Levy Reduced By (Per Kg)
Dried Sprats Rs. 10
Potatoes Rs. 39
Big Onions Rs. 39
Dhal (Whole) Rs. 9
Dhal (Split) Rs. 12
Dried Fish Rs. 50
Unrefined Palm Oil/Other Vegetable Oils Rs. 15
Refined Palm Oil/Other Vegetable Oils Rs. 25
Palm Kernel Oil Rs. 35
Coconut Oil (Refined and Unrefined) Rs. 25


(Ada Derana)