Motorcyclists want Rs. 10,000 minimum fine for luxury vehicles

Sri Lanka Traffic Police

Luxury vehicles should be fined a minimum of Rs. 10,000 with different fines being imposed according to vehicle categories if the government is not prepared to change the rule proposed in the 2017 Budget, the Ceylon Motorcyclists’ Association (CMA) stated.

CMA Secretary Shirantha Amerasinghe told the Daily News that the association will urge all motorcyclists to wear black arm bands to protest the latest budget proposal to raise the minimum traffic fine to Rs. 2,500.Amerasinghe said Rs. 2,500 was not reasonable as many motorcyclists pay less than Rs. 2,500 per month for petrol.

“Look at the vehicle license fees. This is Rs. 800 for motorcycles and for some luxury vehicles it is above Rs. 25,000. Rs. 2,500 as a minimum fine for all vehicles is a great injustice on low income earners,” he added.

Amerasinghe said his organisation has written to the President with several suggestions as a solution to the issue.

“We have proposed to bring down the minimum fine to 30 percent of Rs. 2,500 which is Rs. 750 for motorcycles below 100 cc and 50 percent of Rs. 2,500 which is Rs. 1,250 for motorcycles above 100 CC,” he added.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said on Sunday that the government will not waver in its commitment to make Sri Lankan roads safer by instilling a greater sense of discipline and respect for traffic rules. According to latest statistics, motorcycles are responsible for the largest number of road fatalities.

Motorcycles have been involved in 864 fatal accidents with a death toll of 901 this year. Lorries are number two on the list with 253 fatal accidents.

This year has seen 2,085 fatal accidents with a death toll of 2,202.

(Daily News)