MPs who voted in favour of Port City Bill, traitors – JVP

Tilvin Silva - JVP

The JVP says all Parliamentarians who voted in favour of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill have already gone down in history as traitors.

JVP Chief Secretary Tilvin Silva speaking at a media briefing today said all MPs who voted in favour of the Bill cannot speak of patriotism in future.

Silva said yesterday will be marked as a day that the country was betrayed.

Silva added individuals who spoke of patriotism, spoke of their love for the country and opposed the Millennium Challenge Corporation without any hesitation voted in favour of the Port City Bill yesterday.

He claimed the government sought to pass an unconstitutional Bill yet was obstructed owing to the legal action that was sought before the Supreme Court.

He noted the harmful effects of the Bill was therefore mitigated to a certain extent.

He said a very harmful Bill was passed in Parliament yesterday.

(Source: News Radio)