New National Policy Framework published

Sri Lanka government state logo

The Government’s new National Policy Framework titled ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ has been released to the public.

This National Policy Framework (NPF) of the government constitutes of 10 key policies aimed at achieving the fourfold outcome of a productive citizenry, a contented family, a disciplined and just society and a prosperous nation.

Under this public policy statement, the 10 key policies, giving due consideration to socio, economic, environmental and political aspects are:

  • Priority to National Security
  • Friendly, Non-aligned, Foreign Policy
  • An Administration free from corruption
  • New Constitution that fulfills the People’s wishes
  • Productive Citizenry and a vibrant Human resource
  • People-Centric Economic Development
  • Technology-Based Society
  • Development of Physical Resources
  • Sustainable Environmental Management
  • Disciplined, Law Abiding and values-based society

The complete document of the issued National Policy Framework can be found on the official website of the Treasury,, in all 3 languages.

All other government institutions have been requested to download the document and publish it on their official websites.