New system for COVID patients in the Western Province

1990 Suwa Seriya ambulance service in Sri Lanka

A new system has been introduced to direct COVID-19 patients within the Western Province to treatment centres to be managed, from today.

The system will include two methods, SMS and telephone calls.

COVID-19 patients who experience breathing difficulties have been advised to type A <space> age <space> the National Identity Card number <space> residential address and send it to 1904.

Patients with fever must use the same format but instead type B in the SMS while asymptomatic patients have been requested to send a SMS by typing C and filling out the other details.

Further steps will be taken after details are provided through SMS are directed to the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak.

Thereafter patients will be contacted through the 247 hotline, and will be directed to treatment centres after assessing the situation.

The Ministry of Health said persons in home quarantine will be provided directives through the 1390 hotline.

(Source: News Radio)