Next Petrol Shipment on 23rd June: Public requested not to queue up for fuel in next 3-4 days

Kanchana Wijesekara

Sri Lanka’s Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera. (AFP / Ishara S. KODIKARA)

Letter of Credit (LCs) amounting to USD 90 million have been opened for a shipment of petrol and diesel, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera said.

Speaking during a press briefing in Colombo today (June 19), the Minister said that the shipment of petrol is expected to reach the island June 23 while the diesel shipment is scheduled to arrive on June 24.

The Minister therefore urged the public not to queue up for fuel in the next three-four days, until the fuel shipments arrive and also requested not to obtain Petrol for non-essential journeys.

He further stated that as there are enough Diesel stocks in the country, that there will not be a high demand for it now, yet requested the public to utilise Diesel sparingly.

The Minister said that fuel will be issued on a priority basis for essential workers such as doctors and others who are engaging in essential services, including those whose livelihoods depend on fuel, such as three-wheel drivers.

He further said three-wheelers and motorcycles will be issued fuel on dedicated days, based on the last digit on the number plates.

The Minister also requested the private sector to encourage employees to work from home due to the prevailing fuel crisis.

Meanwhile the minister requests private bus operators to obtain their fuel requirements from the nearest Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depots where necessary arrangements have been made.

He added that school, staff and tourist transport vehicles can also obtain their fuel requirements from the nearest SLTB depots.