No need for curfew, lockdown – Health Services DG

Anil Jasinghe

There is no need to declare a curfew or lockdown in the country because the Kandakadu COVID-19 cluster is restricted to certain areas. The solutions should be matched with the issue and suitable solutions have been given considering the size of the issue, Health Services Director General Dr. Anil Jasinghe said.

According to Dr. Jasinghe, only 25 out of the total of 532 inmates from Kandakadu Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Centre had direct contacts with open society and the rest, 507 are from inside the centre. They did not mix with the open society. Over 3,000 PCR Tests have already been done in connection with this cluster and PCR Tests will continue in the area and all the other relevant places tracking all possible COVID-19 infected individuals.

Speaking to the Media yesterday, Dr.Jasinghe pointed out that there are around 12,000 people in three tracks in Rajanganaya and the area is under lockdown. There is no entry or exit.

“All persons who are now being quarantined will not become COVID-19 patients but false information circulated on social media due to the outlook of the process which was carried out openly by the Armed Forces and PHIs. Nothing is being hidden from the public and there is no need to do so,” he added.

Dr.Jasinghe stressed that all the Heads of state and private sector institutions are responsible for ensuring that COVID-19 does not spread in their institutions. A total of 46 sets of operational guidelines had been issued before opening the country to make sure that all institutions are safe for the employees and customers.

“Heads of institutions should make sure that employees of all sections do not congregate in one place and that one department finishes work and leaves when another department commences work etc. which will assist to maintain basic health guidelines such as keeping at least a one metre distance between two persons,” he added.

(Source: Daily News – By Nadira Gunatilleke)