Opposition urges Government to get India’s assistance

Harsha De Silva

The Opposition suggested that the Government should obtain assistance from India to import essential commodities, medicine and fuel to overcome the current economic crisis.

Addressing a Media briefing on 11 December, SJB Parliamentarian Harsha de Silva said India has always been a friend to Sri Lanka and will help if assistance is requested.

“The next few months will be crucial as Sri Lanka will require the assistance of international partners to bring down essential items. Sri Lanka’s loans must be restructured as it cannot afford to pay for essentials and honour debt repayments.

The Government missed the opportunity to reach out and obtain the assistance of the International Monetary Fund as well,” de Silva said.

He said the Government should inform the public that it cannot repay the loans and therefore n tough decisions will have to be taken. He also added that the Opposition is willing to support the Government to obtain the assistance of international partners as well.

(Source: Ceylon today – By Nabiya Vaffoor)