Prelates urge President to reconsider impeachment motion against CJ

Shirani Bandaranayake Family

The Mahanayakes, of the four main Buddhist sects, yesterday urged President Mahinda Rajapaksa to reconsider analytically the need for an impeachment motion, handed over to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, against Chief Justice Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake.

Following is the full text of the appeal sent to the President by the prelates:

It appears that there is an atmosphere of crisis within the country and with the international community, centered round the impeachment motion against Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake, the Chief Justice, which has even drawn the attention of the general public. So many individuals consulted us on this same subject. Hence, we thought it is appropriate for us to draw your kind attention to this issue.

Irrespective of which is supreme out of the three entities, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary, when it comes to safeguarding law and order of the country, it is clear to any person who respects the principles of democracy that all three institutions are not second to each other in supremacy.

Law is bonded with human civilization and is for the welfare of human beings. Therefore, the essence of Buddhist law is to consider it as the duty to subjugate the unrighteousness and propagate righteousness by controlling behaviour of individuals and ensuring the well being of society.

Therefore we consider it to be the supreme duty of all those who expect the well being of humanity, to create an environment where the law can be implemented independently and impartially.

Lord Buddha when he advised the Lichchavi rulers on “Saptha Aparihani Dhamma” showed as the third “Aparihani Dhamma” “Refraining from introducing laws which were not introduced in the past and following laws already existing without violating them; accepting old ethics of the Vajjins and following them, it will bring them good and they will not be harmed”. In accordance with the above sermon of Lord Buddha, we consider it very important that decisions should be taken with the utmost patience, highlighting justice, drawing the attention of the country, society and nation.

History too has confirmed that when dealing with the judiciary, which contributes immensely to protect the rights of all, including the common citizens of the present democratic society, action should be taken carefully and patiently without harming the trust placed by the public in the judiciary.

Therefore in our opinion, it is not proper to create an atmosphere of suspicion in the minds of the people, about the judiciary, obstructing the creation of an environment where problems have to be solved by the country unitedly amidst natural disasters, international interference, political, economical and social crisis.

Hence, we kindly request to reconsider analytically the need for an impeachment motion handed over to the Hon. Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, against Chief Justice, Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake.

May you have the refuge of the Triple Gem.

The letter was signed by Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sumangala Thera, Mahanayake of Malwatte chapter, Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharakkhitha Thera, Mahanayake of Asgiriya chapter, Ven. Davuldena Sri Gnanissara Thera, Mahanayake of Amarapura chapter and Ven. Napana Pemasri Thera Mahanayake of Ramanna Chapter.


Courtesy: The Island