President at Richmond College anniversary: Positive attitude helps mould children

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said a positive change in attitude of parents is a must in respect of moulding the future generation.

He added that parents should be dedicated to ensure a future generation rich with intelligence and knowledge and at the same time they are responsible for making the children energetic by giving them balanced and nutritious food

He was the chief guest at the 135th anniversary celebrations of Richmand College, Galle yesterday. The event included the opening of D A Rajapaksa Memorial sports complex sponsored by D A Rajapaksa Foundation, newly built access way to school , Principal’s and administrative office complex, new lecture hall, renovated inner road net work of the college, modernized ICT unit and a new college belfry.

Despite social differences such as low income, middle class or opulent families, majority of country’s children suffer from malnourishment according to latest statistics presented to the State Cost of Living committee, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

It is also learnt that cause for mal-nourishment in children is not only due to poverty but erroneous food habits and practices of parents owing to both ignorance and negligence, the President said.

Accumulation of academic knowledge only is not sufficient. children should be fostered with good virtues, values and good practices thereby creating useful future citizens who love and care for the motherland.

Priority should be given to extra and co- curricular activities in addition to providing subject knowledge. Through sports and athletics, children with powerful personalities could be produced, he said.

Richmond college is a remarkable educational institute which has fashioned renowned patriotic sons of motherland.

Education minister Bandula Gunawardane and former Southern Province minister I wijewantha also spoke.

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, Deputy speaker Chandima Weerakkodi, Senior Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Southern Province governor Kumari Balasooriya and Chief Minister Shan Wijayalal De silva, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Parliamentarian Dr Ramesh Pathirane and Southern Provincial Minister Chandima Rasaputhra were also present.


Courtesy: Daily News