President declares open flyover in Kompanna Vidiya

Flyover in Kompanna Vidiya Sri Lanka

President Ranil Wickremesinghe inaugurated the flyover spanning the railway line linking Kompanna Vidiya with Justice Akbar Mawatha and Uttarananda Mawatha today (April 08).

The rest of the construction work for this project is planned to be completed by the month of September, with the estimated cost for the entire project being Rs. 5,278,081,272.43.

It has been observed that nearly 3 hours of time are wasted daily due to the railway crossing located in the Kompanna Vidiya area, which is a bustling commercial city housing various institutions including government offices, hospitals, religious places, restaurants, and movie theaters.

In order to mitigate this delay, the construction work for this project, implemented by the Road Development Authority (RDA), is being carried out by Maga Engineering Company.