President’s Independence Day Message : National unity & religious harmony vital for country’s development

President Mahinda Rajapaksa

We Sri Lankans who have sacrificed immensely to ensure the sovereignty of the nation, celebrate this 65th National Independence Day with utmost pride.

The nation has embarked on a path of development which has made freedom really meaningful. This is a very difficult and challenging task, the fulfilment of which would bring both justice and prosperity to the nation. The time has now dawned when you and your children need not to think with fear and suspicion about the future.

We have acted with a firm commiment to defeat local and foreign forces ranged against the country. Even when the leadership is faced with difficult and challenging situations we have a principled commiment not to betray the counry. In doing so, we derive immense strength from the enormous cooperation we receive from the people.

Unity among communities and religious harmony are vital factors for the development of the country. Divisions among us will strengthen various hostile forces seeking to deny us our freedom. When all communities rise in unity, the forces hostile to the country will be weakened and freedom further strengthened. We celebrate the 65th anniversary of independence with firm determination and clear commitment to national unity.

We salute and pay our homage to all patriots who have made the supreme sacrifice to safeguard the freedom and sovereignty of the nation.