Prices of 27 essential items reduced from Monday

Bandula Gunawardena

Prices of 27 essential goods have been reduced and will be maintained for a period of three months from Monday (8), said Minister of Trade Bandula Gunawardena.

Speaking at a media briefing today Minister of Trade Bandula Gunawardana said the goods will be available to consumers through Sathosa outlets, co-operatives and ‘Q-shops’ at the new prices from Monday and will be effective for three months till the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in April.

New prices:

Essential items Previous Price Reduced Price
Red Raw Rice (1kg)  Rs. 106  Rs. 93
White Raw Rice (1kg)  Rs. 105  Rs. 93
White Nadu (1kg)  Rs. 109  Rs. 96
Samba (1kg)  Rs. 120  Rs. 99
Keeri Samba  Rs. 140  Rs. 125
Wheat flour  Rs. 105  Rs. 84
White sugar  Rs. 110  Rs. 99
Brown sugar  Rs. 140  Rs. 125
Tea (100g)  Rs. 130  Rs. 95
Australian red lentils (1kg)  Rs. 188  Rs.165
Indian Big Onions (1kg)  Rs. 140  Rs. 120
Local potatoes (1kg)  Rs. 220  Rs. 180
Pakistani potatoes (1kg)  Rs. 190  Rs. 140
Chickpeas (1kg)  Rs. 225  Rs. 175
Dried chilli (1kg)  Rs. 550  Rs. 495
Local canned fish (425g)  Rs. 240  Rs. 220
Imported canned fish (425g)  Rs. 280  Rs. 265
Thai sprats (1kg)  Rs. 430  Rs. 545
Skinned chicken  Rs. 430  Rs. 400
Crystal salt (1kg)  Rs. 55  Rs. 43
Powdered milk (400g)  Rs. 380  Rs. 355
Soybean oil (500ml)  Rs. 470  Rs. 310
Laundry soap– BCC (115g)  Rs. 53  Rs. 43
Laundry soap (650g)  Rs. 325  Rs. 260
Body soap (100g)  Rs. 63  Rs. 56
Handwash (100ml)  Rs. 350  Rs. 250
Face masks (SLS certified)  Rs. 25  Rs. 14
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