Prime Minister to meet teachers and discuss salary anomalies

Mahinda Rajapaksa - Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Plans have been made to hold a discussion tomorrow between the Prime Minister and teachers and principals trade unions, pertaining to teachers and principal’s salary anomalies.

Secretary to the Ministry of Education Prof. Kapila Perera said one representative of each trade union has been informed to attend the discussion.

He noted the discussion is expected to bring about favourable results.

When inquired by the media the Education Secretary added there is a strong belief that teachers will return to school when schools reopen.

Meanwhile Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union Joseph Stalin said he believes a solution will be provided to issues faced by teachers and principals during the discussion due to be held with the Prime Minister.

Speaking during a media briefing Stalin said claims made by the government stating a solution will be provided through the 2022 Budget only made matters worse.

He noted the Education Ministry had repeatedly stated the solution will be provided through the Budget and kept the Budget a secret.

He added if the government expects teachers to remain patient till the Budget is announced, instead of revealing the solution, it is worsening the issue.

Stalin said therefore he believes the solution will be revealed during the discussions with the Prime Minister.

(Source: News Radio)