Probe underway over Negombo Prison inmates engaging in parties

Department of Prisons in Sri Lanka

A probe into parties being allegedly held at the Negombo Prison during the tenure of its former Superintendent Anuruddha Sampayo is underway and legal action will be taken accordingly, the Prisons Department said.

Prisons Spokesman Chandana Ekanayake said this in response to video footage released through the media showing inmates enjoying themselves during parties organised inside Prison cells.

“The probe is being carried out by the Prisons Department and the Criminal Investigations Department,” he said.

“What happened in the Negombo Prison is now known to the public. However, I can assure that such incidents are not taking place in any prison in the country now, he stressed.

The spokesman said the Attorney General had already filed indictments against Sampayo over various charges.

Sampayo who was arrested over providing luxury facilities for inmates was released on bail along with three other prison officers recently.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Sheain Fernandopulle)