Protective sticker on locally produced liquor compulsory from 2022

Department of excise of Sri Lanka

The Excise Department of Sri Lanka says they will make it compulsory to paste a protective sticker on top of all local and imported liquor bottles and cans, from the 03rd of January 2022.

The decision was taken to prevent the sale of illicit liquor in the local market and smuggling of foreign liquor bottles into the country, and to collect all due taxes payable to the Treasury through the sale of local and foreign liquor.

A grace period of three months has been given to clear the existing stocks of liquor bottles and cans sold in the market without the protective sticker, the Excise Department’s Spokesperson Kapila Kumarasinghe said.

He hoped all liquor bottles would bear the protective sticker by April 01, 2022.

This mandatory protective sticker was implemented on all imported liquor nearly a year ago.