Rakna Lanka armoury sealed

Rakna Lanka

The armoury of the Rakna Lanka Security Service affiliated to the Defence Ministry has been sealed following complaints to the police that the weapons belonging to the Security Service had been used illegally during the just concluded Presidential election.

A senior police officer said the armoury situated within the BMICH premises would be checked on Monday after a court order is secured. He added the armoury was sealed after the Anti-Corruption Organization which had been formed by several organizations including the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) lodged complaints that the weapons from this armoury had been used for election violence.

He added that documents belonging to the security service were being checked by a special police team.
The Rakna Lanka Security service was formed under a special gazette notification to provide security for institutions under the Defence Ministry.

Meanwhile four containers containing goods believed to have been imported through the Rakna Lanka Security Service to distribute among voters during the Presidential elections were also sealed yesterday. They were sealed after police received information that several suspicious looking containers had been parked in the BMICH vehicle park.

(Daily Mirror)