Ranil dismisses expert report on MCC as useless

Ranil Wickremesinghe

UNP leader and former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday called on the government to make a clear statement on whether or not it would sign the Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement with the United States.

Addressing the media after attending religious observances at the Sedawatta Weheragoda Purana Viharaya, the UNP leader said the government should reveal to the public what it had told the US and announce its stance to the public on signing the MCC Agreement.

The former Prime Minister said the government should refrain from deceiving the public to consolidate its power. The US Embassy had already disputed the claims made by a report of a Review Committee and confirmed that it had not transferred any funds to the Sri Lankan government,  Wickremesinghe said.

The review committee report was useless and had not included anything substantial, Wickremesinghe added.

(Source: The Island)