Ranil wants to know what govt. is doing about ‘grease yaka’

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe demanded to know from the Government what action was being taken to relieve the country from the threat and fear of problem called ‘Grease Yaka’.

Making a special statement in Parliament yesterday, the Opposition Leader said that the entire country is terrorized by this fear. The police has not been able to arrest the Grease Devil. A group of residents in Navaththurai area in Jaffna had clashed with security force members on the night of 21st over an incident related to the Grease Devil. Following this incident 17 civilians have been taken into custody. When the arrested had been brought into the court, the court reporter and photographer who had arrived there to report the court proceedings too have been arrested, he said.

Even though the security force members could take the civilians into custody, they still have not been able to arrest the Grease Devil, he added.


Courtesy: The Island