Ranjan loses temper, hits video camera

Ranjan Ramanayaka angry mode

A heated argument between Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake and a journalist from the electronic media ended up with the former hitting a video camera at a media briefing this evening.

The incident flared up when the deputy minister was about to after the briefing.

The argument which began during the media briefing continued even after it. Mr Ramanayake accused the journalist of making a false allegation against him.

“An OIC in the police is blamed when he arrests a thief and the thief escapes. This is the situation in this country today,” Mr Ramanayake was heard saying; to which the journalist replied saying, “Even OICs take bribes today”. Mr Ramanayake who becomes furious at this point, accused the journalist of making a false allegation. “Malli you said I take bribes. I am telling you I have not done it at any time. Don’t make false allegations against me,” he said. The journalist then replied saying he did not make any false allegations against the deputy minister. The deputy minister while arguing with the journalist hit a video camera which was pionted at him. “Monawada me Karanne? ( What are you doing?)” he was heard saying while hitting the camera. This camera did not belong to the TV channel which the journalist who argued with the deputy minister was attached to.

Mr Ramanayake, when contacted by Daily Mirror, said that he had settled the issue with the authorities of the TV channel concerned.

(Daily Mirror – By Yohan Perera)