Sajith disappointed Muslim community – MP Harees

Sajith Premadasa

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Deputy Leader and Batticaloa district MP H.M.M. Harees expressed displeasure over SJB leader Sajith Premadasa’s refusal to provide a National list seat for the Muslim community according to the MOU signed before the General Election.

He said the Samagi Jana Balaweghaya (SJB) had disregarded the MOU reached before the General Election, Harees told the press at his Office in Mavadippalli.

Harees said:”We are seriously thinking about working with Sajith Premadasa.This has discouraged our supporters.Sending a parliamentarian from the Muslim community plays a pivotal role for Muslim representation. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress carried out its election campaign believing in the agreements made with the Samagi Jana Balaweghaya leader Sajith Premadasa before the election.Our party also made sacrifices in terms of constituency concessions, cooperation and district strength of SJB.

In recognition of these sacrifices, an agreement was reached and guaranteed to appoint National List MPs. On the basis of the MOU, the Muslim Congress campaigned with the Samagi Jana Balawegheya and received substantial Muslim votes from Sri Lanka Muslim Congress even in some districts where our party did not name candidates to contest, Harees said.

He said the non-fulfillment of promises agreed to before the Election has disappointed not only their party but also the Muslim community. Our party supporters are upset by this deception and it is an unacceptable and unforgettable record in the history of SLMC that Sajith Premadasa had failed to fulfill the promises he made to us,” Harees said.

(Source: Daily News)