Sajith promises industrial revolution after election

Sajith Premadasa

Presidential candidate of the New Democratic Front Minister Sajith Premadasa promises an industrial revolution that will enable the creation of jobs for the youth of the country.

Speaking at a rally in Eheliyagoda, Minister Premadasa claimed through the establishment of industrial zones in every divisional secretariat area, the country can be transformed into an export-oriented economy.

The Minister noted a favourable programme must be initiated, for the rights of the youth in the country.

Minister Premadasa said he will initiate a programme to establish an industrial zone in each Sub Divisional Secretariat, adding that a production-based economy must be created.

He added several manufacturing plants must be built, in order to increase the production and exports, and create an export-oriented economy.

While stating that the country’s foreign reserves will increase through exports, Minister Premadasa noted it will increase funds for social welfare programmes for the public.

(Source: News Radio)