Sajith promises to de-politicise national security

Sajith Premadasa

NDF presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa addressing a cross section of business leaders and stakeholders in various sectors at the Shangri-La Hotel yesterday said that it was imperative that Sri Lanka depoliticise National Security and Intelligence.

“Diversifying our exports away from dependence on two markets is important for national security,” he told the large gathering. “We need to focus on economic security and political security as well as military security.”

Elaborating on his plans to clampdown on corruption he said. “We will institutionalise anti-corruption programmes within ministries and within tender processes. People who are able to deliver in a time-targeted manner. These are the people who will be given responsibility.”

He spoke on women’s right saying those who commit heinous crimes against women will be brought to book.

“I will establish a Women’s Charter. The Charter will be established through legislation and given legal teeth. We will have an active programme of positive discrimination for women.” He also stressed the importance of strengthening the rights of children. “Our social fabric and its future depends on the health and education of children.

They are the future generations that will take this country forward.”

Later in the evening the the NDF candidate held an interactive discussion with a gathering of professionals convened by the Professionals for a New Sri Lanka at the hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo.

In view of the severity of the problems, I will enforce the death sentence in clearly proven cases of terrorism and big-time drug dealing, Premadasa told the gathering.

Responding to questions on different issues of public concern the NDF candidate explained that he would be appointing officials purely on the basis of the merit and free of family and other nepotistic influences.

He presented his request to Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka to take up the Defence and the National Security subjects as his first example of such merit-based selections.

Premadasa then assured the gathering he would depoliticize sports to prevent politicians and ex-politicians from the administration of sports.

He further promised politicians and others with a corrupt background would not have a place in his administration.

(Source: Daily News – By Lahiru Fernando)