Sanath Nishantha’s wife Chamari Priyanka Perera ready to enter politics

Chamari Priyanka Perera

Lawyer Chamari Priyanka Perera, wife of late former State Minister Sanath Nishantha, said she is ready to consider her husband’s vacant seat only if the people of Puttalam district and the party make a request to do so.

She made this statement to the media when she visited the house of late Police Sergeant Anuradha Jayakodi to express condolences to the relatives of his family.

Police Sergeant Anuradha Jayakodi was the security officer of former State Minister Sanath Nishantha who was killed in an accident on the expressway recently.

“My husband did great service to the Puttalam district as well as to the people of the country. No one who sought help from him was ever turned away empty-handed. My children and I cannot believe what happened to him, and it is still like a dream. Even before my husband’s death, some media have announced that I would join politics. No one has asked me when publishing such news. I have not made any statements to any media so far saying that I am joining politics.” Lawyer Chamari Priyanka Perera said.

She further said, “Even though I managed half of the political affairs of my husband and worked as his personal secretary, I had no hope of ever entering politics. There is still no such hope. But if the people of Puttalam, the people of the country and the party leadership ask me to take over the position left by him and continue the mission of the people, I may have to think about it.”