Schools to operate as per normal schedule on all five days from Monday

Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka

Government and government approved private schools in Sri Lanka will function as per normal schedule from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM on all five days a week from next Monday (August 15), the Education Ministry said.

They said the decision was taken at a meeting with the Minister, Ministry Secretary and Provincial Education Secretaries today.

In a press release, the Education Ministry said the provincial authorities were directed to arrange a program to provide transport facilities for principals, teachers and students of schools located in areas where public transport services are yet to return to normalcy.

Principals should provide relief to teachers and students who still find it difficult to secure transport facilities, and these relief measures should be informed to the provincial directors of education, the Education Ministry noted.

Instructions have also been given to conduct only academic activities during the next three months and conduct extra-curricular activities after school.