Second attack was planned after Easter attack – Police

Jaliya Senaratne - Sri Lanka Police

Sri Lanka Police says they have information arising from ongoing investigations into the terror attacks on Easter Sunday to believe that a second wave of attacks was planned, after the Easter Sunday bombing that took place last year.

Police Spokesman Jaliya Senaratne addressing a press conference said that several suspects have been arrested over planning a second attack.

“The CID has information which reveals that it was a deliberate attempt by bomber Zahran Hashim to mislead the intelligence units with regard to the investigations about them” Police Spokesman added.

Police also denied reports that Lawyer Hijaz Hizbullah was arrested for doing his job as a lawyer in his professional capacity.

Police spokesman also confirmed that there is no police inquiry against Former President Maithripala Sirisena over failing to prevent Easter Sunday attacks.

(Source: Daily News)