SF sues Sarana for defamation -Seeks Rs 500 M in damages

Sarath Fonseka

Democratic Party leader General (rtd.) Sarath Fonseka yesterday (27) filed a case in the District Court of Mt. Lavinia claiming a sum of Rs 500 million in damages from the Deputy Minister of Petroleum resources, Sarana Gunawardena for defamation.

The petitioner has alleged that the statement made by the Deputy Minister, on a TV programme, pertaining to the female suicide bomber, who attempted to assassinate the petitioner, was derogatory, and defamed the petitioner. The case had been filed by the general’s Attorney Channa Galapathy, before the District Judge of Colombo , Gihan Ranawake.

Summons was issued on Sarana Gunawardena to appear in Court on the 22 May. (Ceylon Today)