Sort out your own matters first: Mervyn tells Harin

Mervin Silva on Harin UNP

Responding to recent comments made by UNP MP Harin Fernando, Minister Mervyn Silva said that before trying to sort out issues pertaining to neighbours he should first sort out the issues in Mr. Fernando’s house

Mr. Fernando had told a media conference yesterday that the minister would be chased out by those who voted for him.

The minister’s media spokesman Rehan Wijeratne quoting the minister said, “As a newcomer to politics, Mr. Fernando should not oppose the government just for the sake of opposing. What is required now is constructive criticism and that is not what Mr. Fernando seems to be doing. It’s through this sort of criticism that a new comer can sharpen his skills and also steer the government on the correct path.”

“This is friendly advice from me to Mr. Fernando. You have to sort your own matters if there has to be a political future for you. The UPFA has a disciplinary committee and if I have breached party discipline it will take necessary action. As a UNPer you have to first solve the leadership crisis within your party,” the minister said


Courtesy: DM Online