Special loan scheme for female entrepreneurs – PM

Mahinda Rajapaksa - Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

A special loan scheme will be introduced for female entrepreneurs, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said at an Election meeting in Ududumbara in Kandy on Tuesday.

“The existing system to apply for bank loans should be revisited to minimize the paperwork required. We will change this system to enable female entrepreneurs, who wish to start a business, to easily apply for a bank loan. With this initiative, we will be able to improve the living standards of people and create more employment opportunities,” he said.

“When we were elected to power in 2005, the number of government sector employees stood at 700,000 and we increased it to 1.5 million. We employed all the graduates. Now President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is implementing the same programme again. A batch of 100,000 will be recruited for public sector jobs. For the first time, those who failed exams have been selected for a training programme and they will be given employment opportunities to uplift the living standards of families under the poverty line,” he added. He also pointed out that the existing Constitution needs to be changed. “We need to bring a new Constitution that is suitable for the country.

It will be a Constitution that protects unity and provides solutions to the issues of the nation. Therefore, we humbly request you to support us and join hands with us to obtain the two-thirds majority to implement these programmes and initiatives,” he noted. “The President and the Prime Minister should have a similar political ideology to ensure smooth functioning of the Government in order to develop the country. Therefore make wise decisions in the upcoming General Election and vote for the SLPP to form a strong Government. This will help strengthen the President to fully implement his policies to build a prosperous nation,” he remarked.

(Source: Daily News)