Sri Lanka Customs seizes Drugs worth over Rs. 60 Million

Sri Lanka Customs seizes Drugs worth over Rs. 60 Million

The officers of the Narcotics Control Unit of Sri Lanka Customs have seized a massive shipment of narcotics including a stock of dangerous drugs and ‘Kush’ cannabis with an estimated value of Rs. 60 million at the premises of a private logistics company in Seeduwa this evening (December 07).

Drugs were concealed within seven courier parcels purportedly sent from the United States, France and Canada to fake addresses in the Colombo area.

The parcels were flagged for inspection after Customs officials, suspicious of the authenticity of the delivery addresses, initiated an investigation.

Upon confirming that the addresses were fake, authorities opted to open and inspect the parcels, leading to the discovery of the illegal substances.

Among the discovered contraband were 08 kilograms of marijuana known as “Kush,” 160 grams of a dangerous drug called “Mandi,” 350 Ecstasy pills, and 08 grams of the highly addictive and potent “ice” drug.

The suspects are now in custody and are expected to face charges for drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, the seized stock of drugs will be handed over to the Police Narcotics Division for further investigations.