Sri Lanka faces High Risk of Communicable Disease spread amidst Floods

Flooding in Neluwa, Sri Lanka

The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) has warned of a heightened risk of communicable diseases spreading throughout the country following recent floods in various parts of Sri Lanka.

The contamination of water sources is identified as the primary cause.

Dr. M.A.S.G. Rathnawardhana, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council, urges the public to always drink boiled water whenever possible to mitigate risks.

She highlighted that due to the current contamination of water sources, there is an increased likelihood of communicable diseases such as diarrhea and Leptospirosis (rat fever) spreading.

Therefore, consuming boiled or bottled water whenever possible is strongly recommended.

Furthermore, Dr. Rathnawardhana advice ensuring that fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed before consumption and suggests avoiding consuming raw vegetables and fruits during this period.

She stresses that the cleaning process should be done under the guidance of public health inspectors.