Sri Lanka has plenty of friends in India – Tamil Nadu is just one state

Sri Lanka and India Flags

– By Shenali Waduge –

When the political party implicated in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi becomes more important in terms of political survival for the Congress and the widow of Rajiv Gandhi we will say no more. The choice is in the conscience. Sri Lanka does not need to go begging to India for support. We know how that turned out in 2012.

Yet, we do need to say that the world, India and probably Tamil Nadu are greatly mistaken if they seem to think that over 1.2billion Indians hate Sri Lanka even though a handful amongst the 72million in Tamil Nadu may.

It is Sri Lanka that must be angered. It is Sri Lanka that now needs to tell the world how India transported the Tamil Nadu separatist struggle to Sri Lanka to avoid Tamil Nadu breaking up. In all future discussions at local and international levels what must not be forgetten to say is that Tamils always had Tamil Nadu as their homeland and they were simply taking the world for a ride asking for it to be created in Sri Lanka’s North. India is also responsible for fooling the entire international community into thinking that Tamils do not have a homeland. That homeland is nowhere else but in Tamil Nadu.

Much as the Congress leaderships together with their DMK partners and even the AIADMK partners may say it is time the Indian media woke up to realities and show their own people how far the entire fiasco of “Eelaam” has taken their nation where in time to come the southern break up of India will commence from Tamil Nadu and already we know the conversions of Hindu taking place and Hindu India will not know what happened once that takes place.

As for Sri Lanka our ties with India go back to ancient times. Our links with the states of India are shown through archaeological findings and historical scripts and to India we will always remain grateful for giving us a great religion or philosophy as that of Buddhism. There is no other compassionate religion for the mind as Buddhism and many in the West and even the US/UK armed forces are discovering the beauty of Buddhism to their tensed minds.

In the Indian Ambedkarites we continue to maintain those long lost ties for those are far more powerful than the links we have had with India’s politicians ending up humiliated each time. Their numbers are far more than that of the Tamil Nadu politician support base for we know that the ordinary Tamils in Tamil Nadu do not hate Sri Lanka.

Our extension of friendship has only been returned with destabalizing operations that continue as we speak in a sinister plan to keep Sri Lanka immersed in continued tension even manufacturing such. We are well aware of these incursions and thankfully our people are also kept abreast of these happenings.

If India’s policy is to be held to ransom by Tamil Nadu and the very widow who should be avenging the death of her husband and she begs the party and party leader implicated by the Commission investigating the death of her husband we have very little to say.

What we do say is that our friends in India are far more than India, DMK, Tamil Nadu, AIADMK or even Sonia Gandhi may like to think.