Sri Lanka Police suspect Kanjipani Imran as mastermind behind Club Wasantha’s murder

Kanjipani Imran - KPI bullet found at Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka

A bullet casing at the scene, with ‘K.P.I’ written on it

Sri Lanka Police have recorded statements from six people about the shooting incident on July 8, which killed two people, including Surendra Wasantha Perera, known as “Club Wasantha”.

Among those questioned was the owner of the tattoo studio where the shooting happened, near the Clock Tower in Athurugiriya.

The police found that Rs. 1 million was sent to the tattoo studio owner’s account from Dubai.

They suspect this money was intended to aid in the murder of “Club Wasantha.” The tattoo studio owner claimed his friends in Dubai sent the money to buy goods for his shop.

Police Spokesman DIG Nihal Thalduwa said they are investigating whether the money was for shop equipment or a contract killing.

The shooting occurred during the opening of a tattoo and piercing studio. Six people were hospitalized, and 55-year-old businessman Surendra Wasantha Perera, known as ‘Club Wasantha,’ and a 38-year-old man died from their injuries.

Singer K. Sujeewa, who suffered serious leg injuries, is being treated at the National Hospital in Colombo. Club Wasantha’s wife and the studio owner’s wife were also injured.

A revolver was found in Club Wasantha’s bag after the incident.

Police suspect the shooting was orchestrated by Kanjipani Imran, a drug dealer hiding abroad.

In 2019, Kanjipani Imran suspected that Club Wasantha had informed authorities about the arrest of Makandure Madhush and Kanjipani Imran at a party in Dubai.

There have also been reports of Kanjipani Imran demanding Rs. 400 million from Club Wasantha, leading to conflicts between them.

Police found 27 bullet casings at the scene, with “K.P.I” written on them, which they believe stands for Kanjipani Imran.

This abbreviation has been used in the past for drugs brought into Sri Lanka by Kanjipani Imran.

UPDATE – 12:55 PM:

Investigations have so far revealed that the operation to kill Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as “Club Wasantha,” was directly planned by the two criminals Loku Patty and Gona Kovile Shanta, who are hiding in Dubai.

Kanjipani Imran’s direct involvement has not been established yet, but he is suspected due to the abbreviation “K.P.I” found on the ammunition casings at the scene of the shooting.

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