Sri Lanka refutes BBC Sandeshaya report

Sri Lankan Ministry of External Affairs today refuted a BBC Sandesaya report about the Sri Lankan LLRC Commission. The Ministry said in a statement that the report carried by the ‘BBCSinhala Sandeshaya’ website with the dateline of 24th December 2010 under the caption “Sri Lanka War Panel ‘pro-LTTE’”, is a complete fabrication.

“The above mentioned headline of the report is based on a purported conversation between Prof. G.L. Peiris, Minister of External Affairs

of Sri Lanka and Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara, Chairman of the Patriotic National Movement (PNM)” the statement said.

‘The Ministry of External Affairs wishes to emphasize in this regard that Dr. Amarasekara who has been spoken to, confirms that no such conversation took place.

The statement said that the Ministry of External Affairs would be taking up the matter with the British Foreign Office and the management of the BBC, this serious instance of a gross departure from the ethics of responsible reportage’, the statement said.

Source: Government News Portal