Sri Lanka to enforce Spot fine against motorists contravening Seat Belt Regulations

The cabinet of ministers on a proposal made by Mr. Kumara Welgama, Minister of Transport, gave its approval to amend Section 157 A( 4) of the Motor Traffic Act, to impose spot fines against drivers and passengers traveling in the front seat of vehicles  contravening the seat belt Regulations.

At present the drivers and the passengers in the front seats of certain categories of vehicles that have registration numbers beginning with English letters shall essentially wear the seat belt

·In keeping with the provisions of the Motor Traffic Act, Regulations pertaining to violation of seat belt provide, on conviction, after a summary trial in a Court of Law, for the imposition of a fine not less than Rs.1000/- and not exceeding Rs.2000/- on the first occasion, a fine not less Rs.2000/- and not exceeding Rs.3000/- on the second occasion, and a fine not exceeding Rs.3, 500/- and cancellation of the driving license on the third occasion, on conviction after a summary trial in a Court of Law.

“Implementation of these fines is being carried out by the courts and the public have been inconvenienced” Transport minister Welgama said urging the need to to amend the Law to impose spot fines.


Source: Government News Portal