Sri Lankan fishing trawler with 06 crew hijacked by sea pirates rescued

Somali pirates

Sri Lankan fishing trawler ‘Lorenzo Putha 04’ and its 6 crew members who were reportedly captured and detained by sea pirates in the Arabian Sea have been rescued by the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG).

The Navy Spokesperson said to the media that the rescued Sri Lankan fishermen are being escorted to the capital of Seychelles.

The Security Forces of Seychelles carried out a rescue operation following the intervention made by the Sri Lanka Navy.

According to sources, three members of the sea pirates had surrendered to the Seychelles Security Forces.

The multi-day fishing trawler ‘Lorenzo Putha 04’ reportedly departed from the Dikkowita Fisheries Harbour in Chilaw on January 12, 2024, marking its maiden voyage.

The crew comprised six fishermen from Chilaw, Marawila, and three of them are from the same family.