Sri Lankan police probe death of US pilot

Crime investigations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan police have launched a probe into the death of a US Air Force pilot whose body was discovered in a hotel room in capital Colombo last week, an official said.

Police spokesperson Ruwan Gunesekare told Xinhua news agency that the victim’s body was discovered on Thursday night from a room of a five-star hotel where he had checked in a day earlier.

Police officers conducting the investigations revealed that hotel employees contacted them after growing suspicious as several calls to the pilot’s room remained unanswered.

The US pilot checked into the hotel on Wednesday after bringing a group of American tourists to the island country, a media report said.

“We are conducting further investigations into his death. Right now the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) is conducting a post-mortem and once this is completed, we will have more details,” Gunesekare said.