Sri Lanka’s Registrar General’s Department issues special notice to public

Birth certificate in Sri Lanka

Certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates issued by the Registrar General’s Department of Sri Lanka will not further be invalidated following 06 months of issuance, the Registrar General’s Department announced.

Accordingly, the Registrar General’s Department mentioned that the previous regulations imposed in order to invalidate the relevant documents after 06 months of their issuance have been lifted.

If there is a certified copy of any certificate issued by the Registrar General’s Department, there is no need to obtain a new copy.

The Registrar General’s Department has officially informed the Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs and the Department of Immigration and Emigration and also the Department of Registration of Persons in this regard.

However, a new copy of the relevant documents must be obtained only if an amendment has been made to them, according to the department.