State sector employees top 1.1 million now

Sri Lanka postal workers

Sri Lankan government sector kept on expanding year on year and today the total number of state employees is at over 1.1 million. In addition Sri Lanka has nearly 300,000 in the military and a further 90,000 in the Department of Police.

According to a survey done by the Census and Statics Department, it can also be observed that a majority of employees are currently employed in the State sector, which accounted for 44 per cent of all employees.About 1 in every 3 government employee is currently employed in the Provincial Public sector.

The Census revealed that about 84,000 employees are above 55 years out of which about 61,000 are currently employed in either the state or the Provincial Public Sector. About 15 per cent of employees are below 30 years.

Almost 80 per cent are employed in Permanent and Pensionable occupations while 16 percent of the employees are employed in non-pensionable permanent occupations and are contributing to a Provident fund.

More than 60 per cent of employees are at least Advanced Level qualified while 19 per cent hold a degree. Only about 7 per cent of employees have any post graduate qualification.At least one in every four of the semi Government sector employees have not passed G.C.E. (Ordinary Level). On the contrary, semi government sector has reported the highestnumber of doctoral degrees.

Out of all Public and semi government sector employees, about 63 per cent are capable of performing some activity using a computer, a tablet PC, Laptop computer or a smart phone.About 52 per cent of Public and semi government employees use internet.

(Source: Daily News)