State terrorism in Sri Lanka says UNP

The main opposition accused the government of promoting state terrorism. United National Party (UNP), say the compulsory leadership training for new undergraduates is a step in that direction.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, MP Lashman Kiriella said, “This training is the initial step towards preparing candidates for state terrorism”.

Unsuitable for female students

Criticising the residential training camps held inside security establishments, the MP say that it is also a burden on poor families. “People can’t afford to buy the set of clothes required for the training. It costs over ten thousand rupees”.

He also says the training environment inside security forces and police camps, is not suitable for the security of female students.

Indian influence

The opposition also blamed the government of not taking part in a fruitful discussion with the other political parties while engaging with foreign powers.

“India seems to be dictating how things are done here. For months since the end of the war, we had been asking the government to lift the emergency. Now India had told them to do so”. Said the opposition spokesman.

He also blamed the ruling party for the massive loss of lives due to prolonged civil war.

Thousands died

“When we suggested the thirteenth amendment, they opposed it. A consensus at the time would have prevented the war, loss of thousands of lives and developing hatred”.

“Now they have agreed with India to go beyond the thirteenth amendment. Why is it only agreeable when India suggests it?” the UNP questioned.