Stern action for breaking animal quarantine regulations

Ajith Rohana

Strict legal measures will be taken against a person who has brought pet birds into the country without following proper animal quarantine regulations, Police Media Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana yesterday (29) said.

According to the DIG, the said person has brought in 62 domesticated birds into the country from Doha, Qatar on January 7, 2021.

“Any animal brought into the country should undergo a quarantine process. The said pet birds were brought in under a name registered as a company in Boralesgamuwa.

The person who got the birds down, has kept around 40 birds in quarantine while he has taken 24 birds into the country without being quarantined.” DIG Ajith Rohana pointed out.

“The Negombo Divisional Crime Detective Bureau, having received information on this matter, was able to trace 14 birds out of 24 from the Udubaddawa area,” Police said. “The arrested person will be charged under Provisions of Act No 59 of 1992. Further investigations are underway. We shall take stern action against the perpetrator because we already have a pandemic to deal with. We do not want a similar pandemic to spread due to neglectful acts such as these,” DIG Ajith Rohana observed.

(Source: Daily News – By Amali Mallawaarachchi)