Ten Gas Explosions in One Day

Gas oven flame

Controversy surrounding LP gas reached fever pitch yesterday (29), with 10 separate incidents of explosions involving gas cylinders and stoves were reported from across the country. The 10 incidents were reported from Hatton, Malliappuwa, Marawila, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Hanwella, Padukka, Embilipitiya, Mawanalle, and Matara, respectively.

According to Marawila Police, a kitchen in a local residence was rocked by a blast yesterday morning due to a suspected gas leak. Police said the explosion had occurred due to a fault with the regulator connected to the gas cylinder,causing significant damage to the gas stove and several spice bottles nearby. Meanwhile, a restaurant in Hatton’s Malliappuwa area was damaged by an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak, prompting a Police investigation following a complaint.

The restaurant’s owner stated the explosion occurred around 8:30 a.m. yesterday. He mentioned the hose connecting the gas cylinder and the stove exploded and caught firewhile he was cooking in the morning. No one was injured in the blast. In another development, Matara Police confirmed that an LP gas cylinder in a house’s kitchen exploded last evening, and residents reported that the cylinder exploded with a loud bang. At the time, no one was in the kitchen.

When residents heard a loud noise, they rushed into the kitchen and were shocked by what they had found. They noticed that the upper part of the gas cylinder had exploded near the regulator along with the gas stove. A nearby glass jar was shattered and shards were scattered around the kitchen,the residents said.

They had filed a complaint with the Police and officers from the Matara Police Crime Investigation Unit had arrived at the scene and conducted investigations, according to our correspondent. Meanwhile, another explosion was reported from Embilipitiya yesterdayin a kitchen at a residence near Kadurugasara junction. The home owner had left a kettle on the stove and heard a loud noise shortly after he came into the living room. He said he saw the gas stove explode and catch fire, and that no one was injured in the incident.

A complaint had been filed with the Embilipitiya Police. Another gas cylinder brought to a house in the Diddeniya South area of the Hanwella Police Area exploded on the night of 28 November, according to the local Police, and the home owner lodged a complaint about the incident. The gas cylinder had been purchased on 24 November. The gas stove had exploded, it was discovered.

The blast did not injure anyone in the house. Meanwhile, on 28 November, two gas stove-related accidents were reported from a house in Chunnagam, Jaffna, and a house in the Thiruvaiyaru area of Kilinochchi. In addition, two explosions were reported on 28 November as a result of gas leaks from a house in Arachchikattuwa, Puttalam, and a house in Kegalle’s Rockhill Kahatapitiya area.

Meanwhile, the IGP has directed Western Province SDIG Deshabandu Tennakoon to produce a report within three days on the accidents caused by leaks, fires, or explosions in domestic LP gas cylinders across the country. Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said SDIG Tennakoon has been designated as the Coordinating Officer for the investigations.

In the event of a gas mishap in any location, the OIC should notify the relevant gas company as well as the officer in charge of the relevant division, SDIG Tennakoon said. Litro Gas and Laugfs Gas representatives have also been appointed to assist the Police inquiry. The IGP has issued instructions to all Senior DIGs in charge of provinces, DIGs in charge of districts, officers in charge of divisions, and HQI OICs.

(Source: Ceylon Today)