The UN’s Corruption Charge Sheet


Since the inception of the UN, there have been over 240 armed conflicts around the world. On two occasions the UN actually authorized the use of force – In Korea and Gulf War 1. There is little to show that UN has prevented conflicts and more to show that UN is promoting conflicts globally. The UN demands ‘peace’ presence but is a failure at keeping peace. With over 70% of its blue helmets in Africa, there is nothing UN can show that is has achieved anything meaningful except proudly issue disparaging statistics and beg for more funds. There is little point in restructuring for it is likely to lead nations to further compromise their sovereignty. The best option is to do away with the UN and replace it with an entity that does not have the involvement of any of the stakeholders involved in creating the UN so as to use UN to control the world.


  • Head of the UN is the UN Secretary General – his salary also is around $250,000 exclusive of other stipends. Close to 500 are included into the top-ranking payroll
  • UN members = 193
  • UN Security Council comprises 15 members of which 5 are permanent (US, UK, France, Russia and China) Non-permanent members serve for 2 years.
  • One Country-One Vote at UN General Assembly
  • 57 Member states belong to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (Saudi Arabia)
  • In 1946 the UN had a staff of 300. Within 6 months it became 6000. Today, the staff stands over 44,000
  • UN peace keepers – over 85,000 and 63 peace keeping missions.

Doubts about the UN have been raised by many over the years. Some of these doubts are central to these points.

  • The League of Nations was the forerunner to the United Nations. The League of Nations was created under Versailles Treaty in 1919. The League of Nations was created by the Rockefeller family who funded the entire operation. The ILO is and was also funded by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.
  • The same families funded Nazi Germany and the Allies too. If both wars were funded by those that created them and they in turn created the United Nations what should we assume?
  • Are we to believe that the UN was created after World War 2 in 1945 or was it really created by the Council on Foreign Relations and drafted in 1943. All 43 delegates of the US at the UN San Francisco Conference were members of the CFR. All of America’s leaders continue to be members of CFR.
  • UN uses mainstream media – CNN which is owned by Time Warner. Time Warner is owned by JP Morgan Chase and Company and Dodge & Cox Inc. Other direct holders include Jeffrye Bewkes who is a member of CFR. CFR is headed and funded by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. Majority of mainstream media are members of CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Richard D Parsons, Chairman of Time Warner is a Board Trustee and Senior Advisor of Rockefeller Foundation.
  • JP Morgan, Rockefellers all played a role in creating the Federal Reserve System in 1912.
  • The UN was created by the same parties that own mainstream media and thus they are able to influence the entire world through communication. The 5 multinational companies that own media have ties to the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. They are all in turn controlled by the Jesuit Order.
  • Without maintaining peace the UN seeks power to control the environment, population, children …the world
  • The 1994 UN plan to ‘stabalize’ the world was only to reduce population in a depopulation strategy that encourages abortion, sterilization and controlled human breeding. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child also claims power not only to grant rights but also to cancel them “as provided by law.”
  • The UN doesn’t settle disputes – it makes them worse! If so why should the UN be allowed to expand Peace Keeping?
  • If UN is a peace organization why would it include Article 42 in the UN Charter giving it authority to “take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security.” How can UN take military action when it is an organization meant to prevent wars?
  • UN was nowhere to be seen when NATO was raining bombs on Yugoslavia
  • UN did not come to Afghanistan’s defense by questioning America as to why it would bomb Afghanistan when none of the 9/11 hijackers were Afghans!
  • UN did little to stop the lies taking place for the invasion and bombing of Libya knowing that the US and Allies were arming rebels, transporting mercenaries and even training them.
  • UN is all talk about proliferation of weapons and arms while number of nuclear power using nations are increasing
  • Most important of all is that despite the knowledge that the terrorist organizations all find their orders back to Western intelligence agencies and to Western arms manufacturers why has the UN failed to stop arms manufacture and sale to terrorists!
  • UN was put to shame in conniving with the US in its fictitious weapons of mass destruction story to legitimize invasion and occupation of Iraq.
  • In 2004 former ambassador to the UN Dore Gold published a book called Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos
  • accusations that the UNSC only addresses the strategic interests and political motives of the permanent members, especially in humanitarian interventions

The UN shuts the doors on its own crimes!

  • In 1988, the top Belgian UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official was one of a group convicted of running a child sex ring.
  • Zimbabwe, UNICEF-donated equipment helped terrorists seize power.
  • 2005 – Allegations against UN included mismanagement, Corruption. UN profited from and covered up billions in kickbacks & corruption (UN profited from and covered up billions in kickbacks & corruption. Benon Sevan’s name appeared on documents found in Iraq after US invasion in 2003. Investigation: Kickbacks by UN officials Independent inquiry headed by Paul Volcker (former head of federal reserve) Investigation concluded that Benon Sevan former head of UN oil-for-food program in Iraq took kickbacks to help an oil company (AMEP) win contracts. Benon Sevon had $160,000 unusual bank deposits. Investigation concluded a senior UN official Alexander Yakovlev from Procurement for soliciting bribes from Societie Generale de Surveillance an inspection contractor. The Volcker Committee asked UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to strip Benon Sevan of his diplomatic immunity but Sevan was allowed to resign from his UN post. Kofi Annan’s own son Kojo is also being investigated as he worked for a Swiss inspection service firm called Cotecna and used UN connections to help win a bid. Annan’s son was paid US$195,000 by an oil-for-food contractor. The Volcker committee did not have sufficient evidence that Kofi Annan personally new of the bidding. Companies accused of paying kickbacks to the Iraqi regime include major global corporations such as Daimler-Chrysler AG, Siemens AG, and Volvo.
  • In 2006 the UN set up a special anti-corruption task force
  • In 2007 James Wasserstrom, US diplomat and the UN’s top anti-corruption officer in Kosovo warned his superiors about a lucrative kickback scheme linking UN officials to a local utility company. What happened to Wasserstrom after he took this info to his superiors – He was arrested, sacked from his job, investigated and treated like a pariah by an employer he had loyally served for three decades. Wasserstrom on Ban Ki Moon “I was informing him all long of what I thought were missteps”, “and he didn’t intervene when he could”.
  • In 2008 that special anti-corruption task force was dissolved (it lasted barely 2 years)
  • The UN’s internal audit division & the Office of Internal Oversight Services has been involved in many scandals and frictions – the former Chief of the unit even accused the UN Secretary General of ‘deplorable’ actions to impede her hiring investigators. She charged that the ‘secretariat is now in a process of decay”.
  • “OIOS report had highlighted that the United Nations system was exposed to serious risk of financial loss, as internal controls were inadequate, management supervision and strategic guidance had, at times, been lacking and management had not done enough to exercise due diligence and establish a high level of ethical behaviour and accountability.” (Mark Malloch Brown)
  • 2012 – US$ 1.57 million corrupt deal of UN Food and Agricultural Organization (exposed by Colombo Telegraph)
  • 2010 – A leaked 50 page document by the UN’s Chief Investigator, Inga Britt Ahlenius, dated 14 July 2010 and entitled “End of Assignment Report” trashes Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on accountability and transparency

The promises made by UN but not yet kept!

  1. Eliminating corruption within UN
  2. Promising greater transparency
  3. Assuring greater accountability
  4. Eliminating peace keeper rape
  5. Elimination of redundant mandates
  6. Assuring a more ethical culture
  7. Assuring to ‘restore trust’ – made by Ban Ki Moon himself
  8. Assured a system-wide audit – made by Ban Ki Moon himself

These are just a fraction of the corruption, mismanagement, misappropriation and lack of integrity and accountability of the high and mighty United Nations.

The UN senior officials have often behaved as a school-master would to his pupils towards Third World nations. There has been little respect and regard on equal footing evident when taking statements issued by the UN Secretary General, UN heads in the manner they issue communiques to Third World nations and leaders as against the wording used upon Western nations.

As an example we highlight the manner that the new UN Human Rights Head has addressed his statements upon Sri Lanka.

“Since the end of the conflict in 2009, Sri Lanka has continued to obstruct any independent investigation despite the persistent, compelling and widespread allegations that possible serious international crimes were committed by both sides during the conflict in Sri Lanka.”  (9-11-2014)

It is obviously clear that the UNHRC Head has already made his conclusions and that gives Sri Lanka no assurance that the UNHRC is conducting the investigation in an unbiased way.

Sri Lanka can showcase numerous other examples via statements issued by the UN.

The Secretary General himself has violated protocol. The below supposed ‘joint-statement’ is the basis on which he appointed an advisory panel which ended up the foundation for UNHRC reports and UNHRC Resolutions against Sri Lanka.

Can anyone reading the below statement honestly say that Sri Lanka promised to hold an investigation or agree to an international investigation?

“The Secretary General underlined the importance of an accountability process for addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. The Government will take measures to address those grievances (Nowhere does the Sri Lankan Government commit to undertaking an investigation nor does the GOSL agree to an international investigation)

With the UN’s closet full of skeletons many of which are not cited here for lack of space, is it only correct that the UN clean up its stables before telling others to do so.

The moment UN’s own dark secrets are brought out into the open the pre-emptive strategy ends up to chide the messenger as we can see in the statements issued by the UNHRC and the backing given to him by the UN Secretary General.

– by Shenali D Waduge