This Cabinet is Basil’s and PB’s; not President’s: Dayasiri

Dayasiri Jayasekara

While claiming that issues faced by the country would not be resolved through Basil Rajapaksa’s entry to Parliament, State Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara said Cabinet and State Ministries were designated by Basil Rajapaksa.

“The issues will not vanish the day after Basil Rajapaksa takes up the ministerial portfolio. The country is going through an immense struggle. We must tell this to the people. There is a dollar crisis in the country. We can ask the people how they can contribute to developing the economy because we all have to face this crisis,” he said.

He said the ministerial portfolios were created by Basil Rajapaksa and Ministers were also appointed to the Ministries by him.

“State Ministries were created by Basil and P.B. Jayasundara. The humiliating Ministries such as clay, pepper and my Batik Ministry were created by Basil and P.B. Jayasundara,” he charged.

(Source: Daily Mirror)