Three Sri Lankan Policemen interdicted after poisoning two suspects in custody

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Three police officers of the Aduruppu Veediya Police Station have been interdicted for the incident of poisoning two suspects who were held in a cell at the same Police Station.

According to reports, the two fell ill after drinking a packet of milk given to them by a visitor on Wednesday (February 07).

They had been arrested by the police in connection with a shooting that took place in Jinthupitiya area on January 24, 2024, injuring a young man.

The gunman had escaped the crime scene while the bystanders captured his accomplice.

The fleeing gunman was later apprehended in Dambana and brought to the Aduruppu Veediya Police Station for interrogation.

Later, another suspect was also taken into custody for aiding and abetting the shooting.

The apprehended gunman and the third suspect were reportedly held in the same cell at the Aduruppu Veediya police station.

The girlfriend of the gunman had visited them at the Aduruppu Veediya Police Station last morning, followed by another visitor, who gave them two buns and a packet of milk.

After consuming the milk packet, Chamindu Darshan aged 27, a resident of Serunuwara who was identified as the gunman, and the other suspect, Lakshitha Fernando aged 29, a resident of Colombo 13, fell ill and were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital in critical condition.

Police have raised suspicions that the milk packet had been contaminated with poison.

Accordingly, investigations are underway to apprehend the said visitor whose identity is yet to be determined.