Top politicos recruiting gangs

Police car

Senior DIG Gamini Navaratne said Police had discovered plans by several powerful politicians contesting the forthcoming parliamentary elections to deploy underworld gangs to ensure their election victories.

“I am unwilling at this particular moment to name the political parties and their politicos who are now recruiting members of these underworld gangs for this purpose, he said.

While investigations are continuing, he added that these suspects would be arrested, and would be shown no leniency by the law, should there be finite evidence against them.

Navaratne told ‘Ceylon Today’ that “I would like to tell political parties as well as politicians not to seek the assistance of underworld gangs. If that is done, everyone involved will be taken into custody regardless of who they are.”

He said, two such underworld gangs had already been identified. Navaratne said, disclosing their names would hamper investigations seriously.
He said, Police Stations island- wide had been informed about these underworld gangs. Police have been directed to enforce the law to the maximum to stop polls related violence.

“We will provide all the security required for the conduct of a free and fair election.”

Navaratne said it had come to light that underworld gangs were involved in the recent incident in Mahiyangana in which a former UPFA Provincial Councillor Thenuka Vidanagamage was arrested. Police have got all information regarding the underworld gangs connected to the incident.

(Courtesy: Ceylon Today)