Tourist can travel in a bio-secure bubble – SLTDA

Ukraine tourists arrive in Sri Lanka

The Director General of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Dhammika Wijesinghe says tourists who arrive in the island can tour the country in a bio-secure bubble as per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Director General stated that the Health Services Director General and the Inspector General of Police have been notified of the decision.

Wijesinghe stated that tourists arriving in the island can also cross provinces in a bio-secure bubble while adhering to coronavirus health guidelines.

She noted institutions and individuals who have taken steps to bring in tourists are strictly advised to follow health guidelines when transporting tourists via the bio-bubble method adding that strict action will be taken against persons who fail to adhere to this regulation.

With the imposition of strict travel restrictions in the country, information has been received that tourists who already arrived in the island through the bio-bubble method are facing various obstacles in their travels.

Director General Dhammika Wijesinghe further stated after informing health and security forces of the measure, a system has been prepared for foreign tourists to travel to specific destinations without any hindrances under the biosafety bubble.

(Source: News Radio)